Tag: Oostende

Antwerp And Goodbye

Today I was moving out of Melsbroek and spent one last day with my friend / the second volunteer from the NMSC and together we explored Antwerp! At 8.30AM my alarm clock is ringing and I’m way to tired to get up, so I snooze it way to often and now the time is running. My…

A weekend full of fails & fun

How much bad luck can a person have in one weekend?? My best friend visited me and this weekend was so chaotic that we’ll even talk about it in years! It all began with me picking her up from the airport Zaventeem. I waited there around a half hour and it was really nice to…

Citytrip #2

Brugge, Ostende and Brussels in two days. Because one city would be too easy.. It all started with meeting a new guy at my corridor and wanderlust. (Could we take a moment to talk about the fact, that “wanderlust” is from origin a German word which is used in the English language??) So there is…

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