Bucket List

I decited to write everything down, that I wanna do, archive, visit or see and I’ll check every point on the list, add new ones and share with you my story!

  • walk parts of the Jakobsweg
  • learn Spanish
  • visit Thailand. I don’t know why, but this country attracks me so much and it’s just the perfect destination to start with long distance traveling!
  • learn how to dive
  • Backpack in Bali
  • Go on a safari in Botswana (thanks to the book Frühstück mit Elefanten from Gesa Neitzel I want no other place than Botswana for my first safari)
  • Roadtrip through the USA
  • Roadtrip to Canada
  • Cage diving with great white sharks
  • Explore the Amazon River
  • Hug a tree on all of my vacations – Traveling gives me always the feeling of being closer to the nature. It may sound crazy but just standing there for a minute or so with no thoughts in the middle of where ever gets your head completely free and you feel like a newborn person!
  • learn how to surf
  • visit the Maledives while they still exist..

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