Camping in De Ardennen

Well, what should I say? It all started completely spontaneous again..

Since my boyfriend and I didn’t really had time for each other when I was in Belgium with my girls, I wanted to go again to Belgium and spend some time with him. But when should one do that when one have to work and it’s a 500km’s ride to go there..
So it was just perfect when Lars told me he would go for a week to the Ardennen (which is 200 km’s closer to my place) to camp there with his dad. Long story – short: I started planning to go there for a couple of days!
On Mondays I always have to work in the hardware store until 12 PM, so after that I immediately went home and asked my father if I could kidnap the car and he just smirked and said “you got your craziness from me, so how could I say “no” now?” And then it was final! I started packing and at 1 PM I sat in the car and started my journey.
Well, well, well… What I hadn’t expect in that moment: I had to drive through like every small village from Rheinland-Pfalz (a state of Germany) with extremely small roads which should be one-way, but aren’t.
So instead of 3 hours, I drove 4 and went nuts until I arrived.
And yeah.. another funny thing that I totally forgot until the moment when I was already half through my trip: I HAVE TO CAMP!! For real, I’m not a girl who likes the idea of going to camp but well, the next two nights I’d have to sleep in a tent.. yay..

It was raining the whole time and I had to get used to wet socks, but nevertheless I can say (afterwards) that I had a great time! When I arrived at the camping place Lars introduced me to his father and other really nice people and we went out for a walk. The nature around the camping place is really nice and I enjoyed my time there, without people around us, without the need to watch TV, game or whatever electronic devices we also became addicted to.
The night was really cold and my wet socks weren’t a big help in that situation but I have to admit that I love the sound of raindrops dribbling on the tent.

On the next day we decided to go on a trip to La Roche-En-Ardenne, a charming, small city where we visited the castle, I bought myself a new pair of shoes (my other pair didn’t want to dry at all) and we ate something in an Italian restaurant. I can still remember that there was a shop were you could buy like every sort of beer you can imagine of and that’s exactly what I did. Banana, coconut, chocolate or mango beer were only a few ones and I regret each single one; but well at least I gave it a shot – ignoring the “I told you so” from Lars.

The following day I already had to say goodbye and drive back to Germany. The drive back home was even worse than the first one – The main street I had to take was blocked, so now I really had to drive through every single village until I could go back on a highway. It was an adventure by itself!!

And well.. Thanks to the Belgian weather and the fact that I was camping I caught a serious cold but it was definitely worth it! ❤ – Would I go again? Not so sure.. haha