Who’s Jessie?

Who am I?
Why do I think I would need an own blog??
Why am I writing about myself and my life in the World-Wide-Web?

Now enough questions!

I’m Jessie! Who would have thought that at a blog named itsjustjessie.de?

I’m born in 1998 and I’m right now doing an apprenticeship for becoming a Travel Agent! I’m pretty excited and every day I learn new stuff about our wonderful, big blue planet. Now that I’m learning every day about it, I wanna start seeing it – and you can follow up on it! 🙂

This blog is about every aspect of my life. My past EVS, my journeys around the world, my free-time and my thoughts.. I am doing this mostly for myself and nothing else but I’m always happy to reach people with my stories and experiences.

Just see for yourself!
Jessie 🙂


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