2x Assessment Center, 2x Test Working, 0x Romania

What a stressful week..
There is no other description for it than that.

It all started Monday after a weekend at my boyfriends place when I had to go directly from Oostende to Leuven for my last Dutch exam.
Luckily everything went well with my exam so I went back to Melsbroek and finished packing my suitcase for Germany.

On Tuesday I woke up early and went directly to Brussels North for my train to Frankfurt and after three hours my friend picked me there up. I can just say that it was a really funny and wild ride.
We spent a few hours together driving around and just enjoying the time like in old times until I had to go back home for finishing the presentation that I needed for the assessment center on Wednesday. I worked until 2AM on it.. And five hours later my alarm clock started torturing me. *sighs* What one does for a job!

So the first AC was from 10AM until 4PM and I drove by myself back home (luckily without any business traffic jam!). My mom and I went shortly to a shop to buy some clothes and all of a sudden when I was in the changing room two hours after I left the AC I got a call from the company and a woman from earlier this day told me that they would want me and invited me for two test working appointments! I really couldn’t believe it and now I had on Friday and Saturday two test workings. I was really happy about it but at the same time it meant that I had to cancel my completely planned trip to Timisoara.. After that I was so tired that I just spent some time with my family, prepared myself a bit for the next AC and went to sleep.
Thursday the alarm clock tortured me at 7AM. Way to early.. And from 9h30AM until 5PM I had my second AC. I had a good feeling about it and went to a sushi restaurant with my parents.
On Friday I had at 10 o’clock my first test working. It was until 6PM and I had a really good day! The colleagues were really nice and I could really imagine to work there!
Saturday my second test working was from 2PM until 8PM and this was also really good!
Both were from the same company but completely different!

Sunday was my last day at home before I had to leave on Monday morning. So I spent the day with my friends since my parents left on Saturday and drove to Fehmarn for holiday. My best friend and I went to a christmas market with other friends of her and afterwards we went to my place and another friend of mine came. It was a great ending of a short time at home!

Update: I’ve got two confirmations for jobs from the AC’s, so now I can choose where I want to work. I’m really happy about it! Especially when I think about that I haven’t got a single job last year.
And my parents are also happy, because it means that I’ll come back to Germany haha. They were already concerned that I would stay in Belgium or would go to another country. 

Have a nice day and be happy 🙂