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Antwerp And Goodbye

Today I was moving out of Melsbroek and spent one last day with my friend / the second volunteer from the NMSC and together we explored Antwerp! At 8.30AM my alarm clock is ringing and I’m way to tired to get up, so I snooze it way to often and now the time is running. My…

Ending a life section

I’m writing this before I have to go one last time to work and end with this my EVS after 8 months of ups and downs! But wait, wasn’t she going to stay one year in Belgium? – Yes, I was! Let me explain it for you! Several reasons, from worrying about my health to…

2x Assessment Center, 2x Test Working, 0x Romania

What a stressful week.. There is no other description for it than that. It all started Monday after a weekend at my boyfriends place when I had to go directly from Oostende to Leuven for my last Dutch exam. Luckily everything went well with my exam so I went back to Melsbroek and finished packing my…

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