Crazy Belgium

Photo 31-07-16 7 35 19 PMOf course when you go to another country there can be many things that you’re not used to because. Here are some things that I noticed while living in Belgium. (I will update this list constantly) 

  1. peeled tomatoes everywhere
  2. watch out at the bikeway, people with scooters are driving there, too (especially in cities, the delivery guys are using the bikeways instead of the streets because it’s faster)
  3. when you have to take several busses: plan enough time between them because the busses are always to late.
  4. CASH!! to survive in Belgium you need cash! especially coins because vending-, ticket machines and co. are just accepting coins (for tickets you can also pay with card) and without any cash: good luck when you have to ride the bus !
    1. You’re on the save side when you always have coins with you for riding a bus!! Otherwise it could happen that you see yourself wandering through the whole bus, asking people for changing your 20€ bill because the bus driver isn’t accepting it. #justsaying.. believe me.
  5. don’t even think about taking the train without a ticket. It’s rare that I’m in a train without at least one ticket control.
  6. Belgium is known for the free concerts! Especially in summer you don’t need to buy tickets for some concerts! Just go to the free concerts which are all over Belgium.
  7. It seems like Belgian people have a thing with mayonnaise!! It’s everywhere! Doesn’t matter which meal – eat it with mayonnaise!!
  8. We all know at least one American movie where someone calls a taxi with standing at the street and waving at the taxi. If you don’t want that your bus drives past you – do the same! It works and if I say they’ll drive past you, I mean it!
  9. Belgium has the first beer pipeline in the world ! It is in Brugge and it connects the brewery in the center with the bottling plant in the suburbs. The pipeline is over 3km long and because of it the brewery can stay where it is located since 500 years. Halve Maan is one of Belgians fastest growing breweries and because of that the traffic got worse and worse through the trucks which drove from the brewery to the bottling plant. There’s a beer pipeline the perfect solution.
  10. Sparkling Ice-tea!! I don’t know how it works in your country but in Germany you have Ice-tea without  gas !! WITHOUT !! And the first time I drank Ice-tea in Belgium it hit me like a truck.. Here you get almost every Ice-tea with gas. Like. really. almost. EVERY!

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