A weekend full of fails & fun

How much bad luck can a person have in one weekend??
My best friend visited me and this weekend was so chaotic that we’ll even talk about it in years!

It all began with me picking her up from the airport Zaventeem. I waited there around a half hour and it was really nice to see all those people reuniting with their loved ones.
After she arrived and we spent felled ages of hugging each other we went outside to the busses for driving home because I had to work on Friday. Apparently we took the wrong bus, that’s how all started.. That was the first time here in Belgium that I took a wrong bus! Seriously..
When we arrived at my home I showed her a bit around, introduced her to some colleagues and patients and then we started working together in the cyber cafe. The whole day was really great. Even if we haven’t done much, it was a perfect day with my best friend. Once we finished my shift in the cafeteria we ordered some pizza and started our trash-horror-movie-evening.

On Saturday morning we got up quit early and went straight to Oostende. The weather was unbelievable good for this time of the year and after a small incident with a sea gull (I can’t explain it because she will kill me if I do haha). We spent around two days at the coast before we wanted to take the train to Brussels. But what would be a great weekend without missing a train. So we waited another hour for the next train, but our mood wasn’t suffering under it.
Arrived in Brussels I showed her the typical stuff and we ate French Fries and Waffels (of course). We ate definitely way to much this evening and felt like we were literally rolling back home.
We just continued our trash-horror-movie-evening and fell a sleep.

Now to Sunday.. Sunday….. *sighs*
Our plan:
Sleeping a bit longer. Going to Brussels. Spending the time there until she would have to go to the airport and fly back home.
Sleeping a bit longer. Check ✓
Going to Brussels. Well… I can say we were on our way to Brussels. In the bus to Brussels my friend wanted to check-in online for her flight a few hours later because she hadn’t done that until that moment. Because of some technical problems (we thought so) it didn’t work and said the whole time that the check-in is only one day before departure possible. I tried to help her and took her phone, trying to find a solution. Well I didn’t find a solution but I found the reason. The flight back to Germany was on the 30th April 2017…
To my defense: Sometimes it takes me some minutes to realize things!
So I just gave her the phone back and told her “Would you please look at the date?!” and she just looked up to me and asked shocked “So I don’t have a flight back home today??” and sensitive and understanding as I am, I looked her in the eyes and said casually “No.”.

Luckily we hadn’t come that far with the bus so we just got out of it and waited for the next bus to the airport. My best friend was totally shocked, nearly crying and I couldn’t do a thing to help her.
I texted a friend in Belgium and my parents but both weren’t answering. My parents were at this moment on their way back home from the Netherlands so I thought this could be our chance and after a while my father called me back. But he said that there wasn’t any space in the car left and that they were driving in a completely different direction, I should call him again after we have spoken to the people at the airport.
After a couple of minutes, we were standing at the airport speaking to one of the employees from Lufthansa, listening to his words that he couldn’t help us and that my friend would have to buy another ticket.
In this moment my father called again and told me that they were now on the way to Melsbroek to pick my friend up and take her with them to our home town.
I told my friend and I literally heard a stone falling from her heart (as we say in German haha). We were both so done with the world that we just went back home and watched some movies in the bed. When my parents arrived we went to eat something in a restaurant (so I had some time with my parents and the dogs, too) and after a few hours they drove out of Melsbroek heading to my home town.

It was seriously such a crazy weekend but hey, now after some time has passed by we can laugh over it and it’s a great story after all.