Friends, Fun and Dinosaurs

This weekend I’ve had two friends from Eupen at my place. We had a great weekend with exploring Brussels, visiting the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and more.

So this weekend Sabrina (Germany) and Axel (France) were visiting me. We’ve also met on the On-Arrival-Training and they both live like the others in Eupen (it seems like Eupen is the place to live for volunteers haha).
Sabrina arrived on Friday evening and we spent the rest of the day just with talking and I showed her around at my place and explained what I’m doing in the NMSC. I was grocery shopping before and luckily found the only German bread in the store and so we enjoyed some German bread, which we’re both missing a lot haha. #Germans..

On Saturday we went directly to Brussels and I showed her a bit around, the typical stuff like Grand Place, Mannekin Pis and Co. Of course a Belgian Waffle in Brussels was a must have and we ended up sitting on the floor at the Grand Place, eating some Waffles and waiting for our French friend.
After we found each other we went to a Pub, ate something and just strayed around in the nightlife of Brussels. Sabrina and I got a strong need for sweets so we were eating the whole evening sweets and Axel just commented it with “I won’t question it”. We took the last bus to my home at 23.20 o’clock and spent the next couple of hours with talking and watching trailers of strange movies.
On Sunday morning all three of us were feeling like dead and we’re tired af.
Since we had no idea what to do on Sunday we decided the day before that we would go and visit the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science in Brussels and Sabrina and I were excited like toddlers because we would see dinosaurs.. I never knew that I would ever be that excited for seeing Dinosaurs, but hell yes this dead animals rock!
Because of the fact that the museum isn’t far away from my place and Natural Science is extremely interesting in my opinion I got the museum membership card and have now one year free access to it. Jackpot!
We spent several hours reading and observing, but just have seen like half of the museum before we had to go. But it was really interesting and I’ll definitely go there again. After all I have the membership card! 

After the Museum we said goodbye to Axel and we girls went to the Centrum of Brussels and ate something before I brought Sabrina to the station at the evening and she went home.

It was a great, funny and interesting weekend and I’m glad again that I’ve found such nice friends.
P.S. Je veux ton fromage