Visiting friends in Eupen

My first journey after the On-Arrival-Training was to Eupen at the border to Germany to visit some of my new friends.

I arrived at the Eupen train station after three hours and Leonie (Austria), Elena (Italy) and Markus (Germany) were already waiting for me. They showed be a bit around, starting with the Eupen Plaza, a shopping mall which is nearly completely empty. We were in a small park and in the “best café in Eupen” and ate a Eupen specialty, the “Reisfladen”. After that they showed me “The Clown” and we went grocery shopping for our dinner. From there Markus went home and Elena, Leonie and me headed to Leonies place and we made some Pizzas.
It was extremely funny because of the cultural differences and the fact that an Italian was watching an Austrian and a German making Pizza. Elena was near to crying hahaha.

At 7 PM we wanted to meet Markus again in the City for a flea market but it was raining so the flea market wasn’t happening. We decided to go to a pub instead and drink some beer, just enjoying the rest of the evening. After that we all went home and I was going with Leonie and spent the night there. We were talking several hours about everything around our EVS’s and more and it was a great feeling to have someone who is in the same situation than you and who understands you 100% in what you have to deal with and the difficulties you’re experiencing. It was such a perfect ending of this day.

On Sunday Leonie and I were alone and our first task was to sleep looong and after the breakfast we went to the ikob – Museum of Contemporary Art and enjoyed the Art from Roger Greisch: 99 Jahre – 99 Farben and Dirk Dietrich Hennig: Jamais-Vu – Jean Guillaume Ferrée. The latter exhibition was disturbing, confusing and fascinating at the same time. Leonie and I are now Museum Buddies, because we never had someone to go with us to Museums and Exhibitions and now we have each other haha.
Our next destination was the Eupen Plaza for another flea market and after visiting it we went back to Leonie’s place for lunch. We spent again some hours with talking and then it was time for me to leave.

It was an amazing weekend and I’m really glad that I can call these precious people my new friends.