Will something ever go as planned?

I’m seriously wondering if my plans will ever go as I thought..

What was planned: 
Visiting my family with my boyfriend at the 22nd of December. We would take the bus in Brussels North at 5AM Thursday and would arrive at 10:40AM in Frankfurt. We would be at home with my family and friends until the 25th of December where we would drive back to Belgium.
But nooo.. Not with me haha.
I got sick at the 8th and it got so worse that my father picked me up at the 11th and took me home so that I could recover there and go to a German Doctor.. It took longer as we expected so I stayed at home until the 25th where Lars and I went back to Belgium.

But I couldn’t let him drive alone with the Bus, especially because in the nights are no line buses to Brussels North so we wanted to spend the night in the Station until our Bus would arrive.
That means my father and I (I was luckily recovered enough) drove to Brussels and picked him up and drove immediately back home. It was the first time that they met but they had from the beginning on a good connection. yay!
(But it seems like my pets love him more than me.. NOT OKAY!)

The next day we just had for us. We went to the Feldberg (Belgians could call it a mountain lol), he had to try a Kaiserschmarn and we drove afterwards with the train to Frankfurt and visited the christmas market. It was a really good day!

On the 23rd it was a day just for meeting my friends and spending some time with them.
So Lars (the poor little thing) had to meet four of my friends but it went also really good.
In the beginning we met at the usual place from my friends and me and afterwards we went home together and had a small Barbecue. It was really fun and also really long! I think we got in bed at 4 o’clock in the morning.

In the morning (more like noon) of the 24th we went to the Eschbacher Klippen, some cliffs in our region (I haven’t even been there by myself haha) and took the dogs with us.
Afterwards I showed him the old house we lived in and we drove back home and had a great Christmas with my family.

Then it was sadly already time to leave again. We had a last breakfast with my family and my best friend was also there and then my dad and her drove us to the bus stop in Frankfurt and we drove back to Belgium.

It really wasn’t enough time there but I’m happy that I could see everybody again and that they could meet Lars. We’ll definitely come back.
I hope you had joyful holidays! 🙂