24 hours straight adventure!

This weekend was the last time that I would see my volunteer friends and we wanted to celebrate it together in Brussels!

Well, we also celebrated it in Cologne, Germany!

It all started Friday evening when I headed to Leuven and Ivan, a volunteer from Bulgaria picked me up and we drove to his home where I’ve met Dorina (Hungary) and Elodie (France) again, with whom he’s living together. Later Noda (Georgia), who lives next door, came also and we had a great evening! At around midnight we went to sleep so that we would start energized in the next day! We would need it!!
So at 8AM we woke up and one hour later Dorina, Ivan, Noda and I were sitting in Ivan’s car and started heading to Cologne, Germany! With loud rock music and a good mood we were arriving in Aachen, were we picked a German girl from BlaBlaCar up. She would join us until Cologne. Our next stop was at Noda’s sister’s place, who lives 44 km away from Cologne. He would spend the day with her and her family until we would pick him up in the evening and head back to Belgium. With one person less in the car we started the last kilometers until Cologne, where we arrived at 12AM and after we brought our passenger to her home we met Markus, another volunteer from Germany, under the famous cathedral of Cologne. Markus works and lives in Eupen, so he drove with the bus directly to our German destination and joined us there. We started walking around in the area around the cathedral, drank coffee and enjoyed the extremely good weather at the Rhein. After a must-have-Currywurst we did go back to the car so that we would pick Noda up at 6PM and after a tea and some nice conversations, with a heart warming goodbye from brother, sister and niece we started our last part of the trip with the destination Brussels! There we would meet Mareike (Germany) and later also Axel (France), but what we’ve forgot to consider in our plan: It was Brussel’s Museums Night! Which meant that it was quit hard to find a parking lot in the centrum and we had to go through strict police controlls.
At 11PM we finally met Mareike and went to the Grand Place where we split up again. Dorina, Ivan, Mareike and Markus wanted to eat something and searched for a Frittur, while Noda and I went already to one of the daughter-bars of the Delirium and sipped on our first (and second) Mojitos. When the others joined us again, we called up with Axel and declared where we would meet: Le Corbeau, a place that only Axel knew from our group. Before we headed there we said goodbye to Ivan and Dorina, who were going back home and at 0.30AM we arrived there and found out what Le Corbeau is: A “normal” bar where everybody is dancing on the tables! Mareike and I immediately jumped on one of the tables and started dancing while Markus got on a bench and Noda fell on the same bench asleep, between dozens of party-people and loud music, becoming one of the sensations this night in the bar. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would dance on the tables until 5AM in Brussel’s nightlife with people that I didn’t even know at this time, I wouldn’t have believed it and would have probably told the person “You’re going mad, I would never do that”! But I did and it was one of the greatest nights of my life! After several drinks that I didn’t pay for (always good to be a girl) and many many songs where we moved our bodies matching to the melody, we left the bar at 4.45AM when it closed their doors.
Pumped up from the heat, the fun and the music from the past hours we went together to our bus stop and said goodbye to Noda, who wanted to wait for his first train back home, to sleep in his own bed. Markus, Mareike and I took the bus at 5.40AM, watched the sky turning bright blue and were finally at my place at 7AM where we fell immediately asleep.
At 1.10PM I brought my two German friends to the bus and that was the end of my goodbye-adventure..

It was such a great experience and I had seriously so much fun this weekend, so thank you guys for making my last days with you to an unforgettable memory for me!
I love you and don’t you dare to not visit me!!