2016 look back! What a year..

If somebody would have asked me before I started this blog post: “How was your 2016?” I wouldn’t have an answer. I just realized how awesome this year was and how much I experienced in one year, when I started this post that you are reading right now..

It’s incredible how many beautiful places I have seen, how many milestones I’ve reached and how many wonderful people I was able to meet!

The year started already good with a NYE-celebration at my house with my squad from school – the self-called Idiots-Gang and a great meeting with my new-found friends from the One-Ok-Rock Concert 2015. I was visiting a friend in Baden-Wurttemberg, finished my Misa Amane Cosplay and got my driving license!
The whole time I was just enjoying my time with friends and family and had a pretty huge amount of fun! A visit in Berlin to my best friend was also a must and then I got my second tattoo! yay! 

Wow what should I say.. The following month were incredible! I bonded so much with my friends and family and I will always remember it as a great time. My mother and I were planning my outfit for my graduation ceremony, my class mates and I survived our finals and I turned 18 (whooop whoop). We had a party at my house with a barbecue and photo-booth! I rarely had so much fun while taking pictures before!
My cosplay-partner and I started working on wings for the next cosplays and went to the Wie.Mai.Kai in Flörsheim. Since I turned 18 I was able to drive without my parents so my friends and I were nearly living in the car! We did so many road trips, from just in our region to a daily trip to Cologne with my best friend! At this time I also found out that I was accepted for the EVS in Belgium, so there was no day that I spent without my friends or family. So I also went for a daily trip to Kassel to visit my Buddies there, which I met on a convention and now don’t wanna loose anymore! And then we had already our graduation ceremony and were finally free!!!

One day later I had already my Pre-Departure-Training for my EVS and met really nice people, who had to go through the same as I. After that I went with my best friend to the Tropical Island in Germany, visited my other best friend in Berlin “on” our way, got my first piercing and enjoyed the girl trip! After that I drove again to Berlin and visited a last time my BFF in Berlin before I would move to Belgium. I got my third tattoo and a week before I moved to Belgium I got already the next one lol.. #addictedtotattoos
Then it was already time.. After a sweet surprise-goodbye-party from my family and friends and some tears *sighs* I took all my stuff and took the train from Frankfurt to Brussels..
I started learning Dutch, ate my first Belgian waffle (yum!!) and with a new found friend from Brazil I went on my first trip in Belgium where I had my first Couchsurfing experience ever.
Then I got the next tattoo in Brussels and my parents came to visit me!
Later my sister and her boyfriend came to visit me, too and then I took a flight to Copenhagen to visit my parents while they were enjoying their holiday in Bagenkop.
With the Brazilians I was doing a day trip to Dinant with the best weather you could have wished for and surprised my BFF in Berlin for her birthday party. In Berlin I dyed my hair again (kinda like a tradition) and got my second piercing (OUCH!! and kinda also like a tradition now haha).
When I came back I had already my On-Arrival-Training where I’ve met so many amazing people from all over Europe (and a bit further) who are now like a new family! I’m so thankful that I was able to meet them. Shoutout to you guys! 

After the training two friends that I’ve met there came and visited me, we explored Brussels and had a great time! Then I went home for the first time and surprised everybody because nearly nobody knew that I was coming! In this time I also got my tattoo finished (yaaay!). After my visit at home I went to Eupen and spent some time with friends from the seminar.
Later my BFF came and visited me and it was soo great to see her again and it was such an adventure.. *sighs*. After she left I’ve met my (now) boyfriend and spend since then most of my weekends at the coast with him. In Oostende we celebrated also the birthday from one of the volunteers were we all met again. It was such a nice night!
Ohh how could I forget! I had two Assessment Center in Germany and I got a job where I’ll start summer 2017 living my hobby!
I decorated my first christmas tree and went then for Christmas back home with my boyfriend. It was nice to see everybody again and to spend Christmas together with my loved ones.
And then the year was already over and my BFF and I spend the last days of it in London!

All in all 2016 was from the very beginning to the last second amazing and I’m so thankful for this year! I bonded so much with my friends and my family that I love them more now than I ever did, I got way more independent and more like an adult (hihi) because of my EVS and just the Chance that my time abroad has given me, to meet all this strangers that have become now such an important part of my life!! It’s incredible..
I love you all so much and I never wanna loose you.
Summing up I can really say that this year had changed me and my life. And I’m happy how everything has turned out.
Let’s see how 2017 will turn out for me! 🙂

Lot’s of love,