Probably the best New Year’s Eve of my life 3/3

Our last days in one of the greatest cities I’ve ever experienced!

On the first of January we had not much planned, our main goal was to sleep and more sleeping! Which is in my opinion logical after eight hours of NYE-Party! So who would have thought – we slept really long!
From our hostel we went to the London Eye, which was our only destination at this day. We didn’t have to wait that long in the queue and even if it was raining, we were in a good mood! Because our tickets were for the afternoon it was already dark when we were entering the cabin, what made an incredible view over the nightlife of London!

Photo 01-01-2017, 18 10 50
But since I’m afraid of heights it was a bit tricky for me to enjoy it fully… Especially when a voice announced out of the speakers, that the ferris wheel would stand a bit still due to technical problems. Aaaand of course we were at this moment in one of highest-standing cabins. The fact that the cabin was a bit shaking because of the people walking around drove me crazy and so I drove Madlen crazy hehe. Even though it was a bit tricky with the height and it was raining constantly, the view was really amazing and I definitely have to come once again to see it by daylight! (And then I’ll never enter a ferris wheel again hihi)

Afterwards we went to the Sea Life because we still had some time and it was included in our combi-ticket.
It’s incredible how much advertisement they make for it and when you enter it you’re left with nothing but disappointment… But I have to say something good about how they handle the situation with their penguins. To give them the natural-habitat-feeling they put the lights out at a certain point of time, so that they think it’s night, even when it means the visitors can’t see the penguins anymore. So heads up for that!
But in general we were really disappointed..
After that we just headed back to the hostel because we both didn’t feel that well..

Because we apparently weren’t feeling bad enough, the night was the pure horror.
When we arrived back in the hostel, we were out of energy and were totally done with our room-sharing situation with 7 other people, so we went to the reception and asked for another room. Due to the fact that all rooms were we would have been alone were taken, we got a 4-bed-room with another man. Well it’s better than with 7 others, huh? The man was quite nice, even when he was talking a bit to much when we just wanted to have some time for ourself. We went quit early to sleep, but because of a series of events and because he couldn’t keep his hands over his blanket while we tried to sleep (I’ll spare you the details) , we went again to the reception and got again another 4-bed-room, but this time just for us. At 4AM we finally fell asleep..

Photo 02-01-2017, 19 58 39We got up at 10AM and drove to the Madame Tussaud’s. It was interesting, because we both weren’t in one before, but if you have seen one before you don’t have to see another one. From there we went to the Piccadilly Circus, kind of London’s Time Square and wen’t then to Maxwell’s Bar & Grill, which is just amazing! A huge recommendation for everybody who’s visiting London! We tried everything from Mac’n’Cheese to Spare Ribs to finally the famous Freak Shakes and afterwards we had the feeling of rolling back to the hostel!
It was a short but still good day, were I also finally got my telephone box pictures!! Finaaally!

Then it was time to go back to our lives! We checked out and said goodbye, because I had to catch my bus at the Victoria Coach Station and she her airplane at Heathrow.
So I drove alone at 12.20 to the Station and waited for my bus, which was scheduled for 2PM.
At 2PM we all got the message that the bus had a delay from 2 1/2 hours which meant for me: I don’t get the last bus from Brussels North to Melsbroek! I did some phone calls and panicked a bit between the message “Sorry I can’t pick you up!” and the thought “I have to stay at the station until the first bus arrives!” until my father kinda forced me to call a taxi when I’ll arrive.
Luckily the trip back to Belgium was without any interruptions and we even got there in time at 11.48PM and I was able to catch the last bus.

At 0.30AM I arrived in Melsbroek and could finally fall asleep after a huge adventure!



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