My first trip back to Germany

My best friend in Berlin was celebrating her birthday on Saturday. I wanted to surprise her and attend to her party without her knowing. But of course she found out weeks before and so we started planning the weekend together.
This time my airplane departed from Zaventeem at 12.?? o’clock and I arrived at 14.?? o’clock at the airport Schönefeld. I met in Rudow and took the train together to her home and started buying the last things before her friends would attend.
We had a good time and it was really funny.

On Sunday forenoon we went tot he vietnamees centre where we’re going everytime when I visit her and I got a new piercing and again a more colorfull hair. I think it has gotten to a tradition that when I’m in Berlin I’m getting my hair dyed, pierced or tattooed. And traditions have to be kept!
After some hours spent in the centre we went to a restaurant to eat something (which is by the way quite difficult with a fresh pierced lippiercing haha).

And that was everything in short form from my short time in Berlin.
At 4.30 o’clock I took the taxi tot he airport and at 6.20 we were departing, heading back to Brussels.