A German who lives in Belgium is flying to Denmark

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but actually it’s just me going on vacation.

So my parents are on their yearly Denmark vacation and I decided to join them for three days.
On Saturday afternoon the journey began with my train ride to the airport Brussels Charleroi to spend the night there until my flight departs at 06.40 AM on Sunday.
I had to spend the night there because in this early time there aren’t any buses or trains.
In the bus from the train station to the airport I’ve met a nice woman and it turned out that she was going to do the same as me before she would leave at 6.20 AM to Tenerife.
We’re talking the whole bus ride and searched afterwards a place for us two in the airport. The chairs were really uncomfortable and in contrast to her I wasn’t able sleep at all. So I spent the night phoning with people in Germany, reading my book, listening to music and talking to strangers at the airport and after an eternity my flight was there.
I was quite nervous because it was the first flight for me that I would take alone and in general I flew only two times, so I’m not used to it. But everything went well and now I love traveling via airplane!!

My dad picked me up at the airport in Copenhagen and asked me after a short “you look tired” (why? after 40 minutes of beauty sleep on the airport floor haha) if I would like to eat breakfast in Sweden. Who would say “no” to such a question?!

We went to Malmö for breakfast but sadly the weather wasn’t good. It was too cold and windy.
After our little Swedish breakfast we drove back (I was driving *-* god how I miss driving..) to Copenhagen and wandered a bit through some streets. Then we went to Bagenkop where my parents are enjoying their holidays every year.

I stayed at my parents from Sunday till my flight back home on Wednesday at 8.40 AM. The whole days the weather wasn’t that good. It was always stormy and not warm enough to go swimming unlike the days before I arrived but so what.
We visited a bigger town and I bought the first Harry Potter book which I couldn’t put out of my hands the whole time, my father took me with him to a drone flight over a lighthouse, my mother and I were every minute sunbathing when the sun came out and I was just enjoying the time with my beloved dog.

It was a really great vacation for me and of course a different experience when one flies to join the parents’ vacation instead of going with them the whole time.

We even ate everyday noodles since I haven’t eaten them in a long time and I would kill for some haha.

And with this now goodbye and enjoy your day,