Citytrip #3

My third citytrip brought me to Dinant. A very beautiful City which’s worth a visit!

It was again quit spontaneous when my friends and I decided to travel again through Belgium. After a while researching for a good destination, it was clear that we’d go and visit Dinant in Wallonia.

So we left in the morning and got to the train station where we’ve met a friend of the Brazilians.  He’s also from Brazil, is doing an internship as well and accompanied us on the trip.
After a fairly long train ride (for Belgian standards) we arrived in Dinant. A really small city which you can definitely explore in a day! A river is parting the town and so one can also explore the surroundings at a boats tour, at the Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge are several saxophone sculptures and the saxophone theme can be found all over the city since Dinant is the birth town of Adolphe Sax the founder of the Saxophone. (You see? You can even learn something in my Blog haha), after passing the Bridge there is the Notre Dame de Dinant, which is also really beautiful. Right next to the church is the entry for the Citadel van Dinant. We thought that it would be a mistake going to Dinant without visiting the citadel, so we’ve bought tickets which also included a boats tour. After the cable car ride up to the 100m hilltop citadel, we had a phenomenal view over Dinant and surrounding. It was really breathtaking, especially because the weather was that good.
Once we’ve finished visiting the citadel we got back down with the cable car (not funny! I’m afraid of heights. In this connection: Thanks to my mom for passing it on to me..) and went to the boats for our boats tour which was really relaxing and interesting as well. After that we went to a Pub, drank some Belgian beers and headed back home.

My conclusion:
Dinant is a beautiful small town, which is definitely worth a visit. It only takes several hours and is so perfect for a day trip.

Must visits in Dinant:
Citadel van Dinant (including boats tour), Notre Dame de Dinant, Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge, Adolphe Sax Statue (which I sadly found out AFTER our visit) and for some extra activity one can do a kajak- or canoeride.

Greetings from Belgium