Vandaag zijn er twee maanden…

… maar mijn Nederlands is niet goed genoeg voor een blog post alleen in Nederlands.
That’s why I’ll continue in English now.

So.. It has been exactly two month since I arrived in Melsbroek and started my European voluntary service. I’m really happy that I’ve made the decision of leaving Germany for one year. In the last two month I’ve met a lot of nice people, made international friends, travelled a lot (not only through Belgium),got the feeling that I’m home and started learning Dutch.

My time here is very enjoyable and even if there’s not much to do for me sometimes, the small thing are which make everything as great as it is.
Every week I’m going with patients on different outdoor activities, there’s a patient with whom I’m playing Rummikub, extremely nice colleagues and much more.

In this two month I explored/went to Brugge, Brussels, Dinant, the coast, Copenhagen, Berlin and my sister and my parents visited me several times. Also there was an article about me in the patients newsletter and now everybody knows about me and (for me) strangers are coming to me, greeting me with my name or asking me if I’m the girl from Germany. It’s really funny but also quite confusing that I just know a bunch of people here and it seems like everybody knows about me.

Today I’m going to a greek restaurant with some patients, next week is my on-arrival-training and I’m already curious about it.

I’m exited to see how the next ten month will work out for me.
So have a nice day wherever you’re reading my blog and see you next time!