Feuerwerk // Wincent Weiss Concert

Just one week back in Germany and I’m experiencing again as much as possible. As always.. Which means that I’ve been on a concert of one of my favorite singers, one day after a trip to the Netherlands.

Okay, I have to begin earlier than the actual event to complete the story..
It started in February where I was three weeks at home because of my wisdom teeth removal when I watched a casting show with a friend in the late night. I can’t even remember the name of the show.. Nevermind! The participants had to sing with each one famous singer and accomplish a perfect duet together. One of the participants was singing with a guy, around my age who had a stunning voice. You have to excuse me, but I had no clue who he was (Hey, hey!! Calm down. I was 8 months out of Germany and he was kinda a newcomer. Anyway, I started researches about him and listened to his songs, which are really good and besides nice melody, they have all great lyrics.)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Wincent Weiss! 
So on the morning I was telling my mother about my discovery and she (being the whole time in Germany) was looking at me like “Girl, are you living on the mars?” and told me that she heard that he would have small concerts in the near future. 10 minutes later I’ve purchased the ticket and knew what I would do on the 27th of March..
Back to present. 
I stood in front of the “Batschkapp” one of the most famous (but small) concert locations in Frankfurt with a long and amazing history at 6.30PM. I went alone to the concert so I just got into the queue and started talking with the two girls in front of me. They were really nice and we stayed the whole evening together.
At 7PM they opened the door and after a quick check through my purse I found myself in the concerthall with a great atmosphere and surprisingly enough space for everybody. I definitely caught an extremely good space, because I was standing directly in the middle which was an advantage. You’ll know what I mean in a couple of minutes 😉 !
One hour after I walked through the Batschkapp doors, the first act came on stage. It was Körner, who was an act before the actual pre-act. He told us that Wincent asked him to sing a couple of songs at his concert and because he was in Frankfurt at this day he was happy to accept the offer. He sang three songs for us, one better than the other and created a touching moment for everybody in the hall with the song about his girlfriend who passed away a year ago.
Körner left the stage, the pre-act entered it and they introduced themselves as Kuult. They started playing their songs, which are also really good and we listened to their song range from rocky and loud to slowly just with the piano. They finished their appearance with the rock-version of their song “Kinder der 90er” – Children of the 90s.
Then the time has come and the main act Wincent Weiss entered the stage and started his concert with one of his new songs from the upcoming album. In the following hour we heard several new songs, all from the new album, the song which was his breakthrough and some covers in a kinda jam session. What I really liked about the concert, besides the great music, was that not only the pre-acts but also Wincent hisself were really down to earth, were talking to the crowd, making jokes and to the astonishment of, I guess, every girl in the crowd Wincent was going through the crowd, singing in between his fans, smiling at them and performed nearly a whole song in the middle of his cheering fans. Remember when I told you where I was standing? Exactly, in the middle, which meant that he was passing by three times, leaving the girls in the middle out of breath, asking for oxygen.
He finished his concert with 2 songs as an encore and at 10.15PM we were leaving the Batschkapp.
Summarizing it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been on and not even that I’ve seen my favorite German singer live in action, I also found out about two other German bands who are really good and I’ll definitely listen to more often. And besides that I also found out that I really enjoy concert photography, which means I have to go to more concerts.. What a pity. But for now I’ll leave you alone.
See you at my next blog post!